Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Appointment World

I write on two Macbook Pro's. One is on my treadmill desk and one sits with me in my writing chair. The last time I was in Mexico my writing chair Macbook blew up (not literally). So I took it to Geeksquad when I returned to the U.S. They sent it off to Apple, who reported back the motherboard and this or that were burned out. Fried, they said. Fair enough. So I authorized the repair bill, which was about half the cost of a new machine ($700 repair). Lo and behold, I get a notice today from Geeksquad telling me to go on their calendar and make an appointment to come pick up my machine.


What rock have I been living under? In Mexico I had my eyes examined by Dr. Cornel in Rosarito (great eye doctor, by the way). But first I called for an appointment. "Just come in tomorrow," he said, answering his own phone. "Yes, but what time?" I asked him. Silence on the line. "Just come in when you're ready," he said. "I'll see you then," he finished. So I did. He got me right in the next day when I turned up in his office. No forms to fill out, go right into the examining room. Exam took all of thirty minutes, following which he fitted me with the best pair of glasses I've ever owned. They have all the bells and whistles you can buy in the States, of course, but the point I'm trying to make is that an appointment wasn't necessary even for the office visit. But back in the U.S.? Apppointment for my computer pickup?

All right, so I'm old fashioned and, to be honest, an appointment does sound better than waiting forever in the customer service line at Geeksquad. Maybe it's time I learned to get with it, American style.

Still, I think back to my Mexico days. Come in when you're ready.

It works for me.


Eric James said...

What a great read

Looking forward to more.

admin said...

Thanks, Eric. No appointment necessary around here.

Mark said...

I like Macs too. Do you write in Pages and convert to Word for uploading to Kindle? Or do you use Parallels or Office for Mac? Thanks.

admin said...

Sorry I missed this Mark. I write on a Macbook Pro Retina, Scrivener is my writing tool. It out puts an rtf which I save as docx in Word, then drag Word into Vellum for epub/mobi formatting.