Friday, January 23, 2015

Bookbub Number 5 - In Six Months!

That's right, I just got word yesterday that Bookbub has accepted my discount promo for February 21, 2015. The book is The Defendants, my book number 1. The Kindle Countdown Deal with actually begin February 19 and run for five days, with BB on the third day, the 21st.

What does this mean? For one thing, in my first four Bookbub freebie promos (starting in August 2015 with BB number 1), I have given away free over 170,000 of my books. This has resulted in daily sales in excess of 100/day. Now Bookbub has given me a paid promo, meaning I will get to sell The Defendants at a discount price of .99c and I will receive royalties instead of giving my book away free. Finally, because I have been trying for a paid promo all this time! I am very gratified and thankful this has happened.

Book seven, Unspeakable Prayers, will be released on January 27. If you would like a pre-release copy of this book, please just let me know. I will be happy to send you a free copy. In exchange, if you would leave an Amazon book review next week I would be enormously grateful.

Thanks for reading!

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