Sunday, June 14, 2015

Thaddeus Murfee Book 9 is Underway!

Thaddeus Murfee update: The new Thaddeus Murfee thriller us being plotted and character development begun. Working title is "A Small Death in Orbit" and takes Thaddeus back to Orbit, where it all began five years ago. He is called upon to defend an old friend and much more, including his agreement to run for public office. Will he actually run? Get elected? We'll find out in the next couple of months.

This Thaddeus Murfee book will get back to basics: crime > court > outcome. Thaddeus has personally asked me for that kind of approach and I have wholeheartedly agreed.

Welcome back, Thaddeus.

Now to watch.


Bob Sutton said...

I think the direction you are taking with book 9 and Thaddeus' development is a good thing. I just finished "The Mental Case" and I feel as though Thaddeus and his wife have gotten lost a little bit along the way. I almost wish for some of the casino days to come back.

You are a good author and I will be sure to read all of your new books. Thanks for the writing and all of the hard work.

Bob Sutton

anne Brown said...

Book 9

admin said...

Thanks, Bob. You're probably going to love the next Thaddeus where he goes back to his roots and back to the courtroom. Hope to see you there!