Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ten Things I've Been Doing...

1. Writing iLawyer, starring Christine Susmann. Probably 10% done.
2. Taking dogs (Max and Skittles) for haircuts. Big mess, barking and trying to get loose in the parking lot.
3. Juicing. Doing the Joe Cross 5-Day reboot. Could sure use a Big Mac about now.
4. Watching the NCAA Final Four. Great games, we'll see lots of these guys in the NBA.
5. Getting Deb ready to go to Africa to work with monkeys. Will she come back to me or throw me over for a tree dweller? Only time will tell.
6. Recovering from second back surgery. This one isn't fun. Don't have any jokes for it. But hey, it could always be worse, right?
7. Thinking how grateful I am for my readers. You have given me my dreams, my new life.
8. Wondering if my new agent is going to be able to sell the new Christine series to some publisher who will put in airports and drug stores. This one is something I look forward to try.
9. Looking for hang glider lessons. While Deb's in Europe, I'm imagining all the things I could be doing--including taking a week long hangliding course. I had my own airplane at one time and so this looks like a natural for me.
10. Playing my guitar in my studio. I'm determined to learn the solos for Hotel California and Sultans of Swing. Now if my fingers would just cooperate.


Joyce johnston said...

Recently required a kindle fire h.d..I have 2 of your books no.s5 and 6.haven't read any of your books yet,I just finished reading your sound just like the kind of books I enjoy reading .just got of the hospital today(April 5 easter2015).this is my first comment ever,so bear with me.I guess your bio. Impressed me so much ,I know I will like your books,and I plan on reading all of your books to date.
The one I think you are working on the one about,will she love me or the monkey man? I hope that's right? I should tell you I have kidney disease,read you had back surgery,I hope you are healed by now.hope you like long comments. P.s.hope you have the time to drop me a few lines.
Thank you, Joyce johnston

admin said...

JJ: hope you are on the mend. Thanks for writing!

Leon Davis said...

Don't want to hex you by reminding you how many people have seriously hurt themselves trying to revisit their youth. Your Joy can come from sharing. Don't think playing lead is the answer. Attention to writing will be your legacy if you don't break your back and kill your self next time. Use your logical mind to stay much better you will write next year. Take Pictures.

admin said...

Absolutely true, Leon, and thanks for that. Right now I'm writing draft 2 of the new Christine book and that seems like enough to keep me really busy. Probably hang gliders are for much younger people at this point. Ah, the sweet dreams of youth!