Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mexico: Gracias Por Su Bienvenida!

Yes, thank you for the welcome you've given one more gringo who has come down south to enjoy your sand, sea, and sunshine. Thank you for the incredible food and willing help when my host's car broke down and you appeared along the roadside to stop and lend us assistance, giving us a ride into town when the Norteamericanos sped past us without a second look.

The lobster here is indescribably delicious. I was able to take five of us out for lobster dinners in a quaint little fishing village south of Tijuana for a mere $85.00 dlls. Freshly caught, freshly cooked, with chips and salsa and side dishes and dessert. I can't eat like this every day, but it's a good start to a long stay.

I found a home on the ocean. It looks like something out of the movies, furnished, with surf and breakers just outside the front door. It's huge, so my dogs have plenty of room to roam and so I can find a quiet place or two where I can sit down and type out my stories for an hour or two each day. Downstairs is a separate apartment where my sister will live and do her thing with her own kitchen, patio, and room for her life and animals. Coming upstairs is a huge living room to your left, furnished with three couches and fireplace, and straight back is the kitchen that is one of four walls surrounding an interior atrium where all manner of plants and flowers and succulents are growing--enough to keep Deb happy with her green thumb notions. Then there's a room where Deb can set up her sewing machine and create her art quilts. So she's got her space. Off to the right is an upstairs patio with a huge table beneath a thatched roof and that looks straight down at the ocean. Here's hoping the dogs don't try out the three foot high balustrade and go sailing off into the waters of the Pacific.

Two car garage, room for beach stuff for the kids, enough bedrooms that family and friends can come and stay for a few days or even weeks if they want.

All of it made possible by you, the readers I love and to whom I owe everything.

Thank you one and all.


sally talley said...

Hi John! I just finished the first Christine book and loved it! You are off to a great start with this new series and I can hardly wait for #2 to be published. I especially liked the ending to this one because it leaves the door wide open to numerous future events. Please keep churning these out! Thanks. Sally Talley

admin said...

Thank you, Sally Talley (great name!) -- I plan to turn one out about every three or four months for awhile. Keep tuning in, and thanks for writing!