Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Series Starring Christine Susmann

My agent, Jane Dystel, is going to sell my new series for me. The series will star our old friend, Christine Susmann. As you remember, she is Thaddeus' paralegal who is an Iraq War veteran, a weightlifter and firearms expert, beautiful and brilliant. When Thaddeus was defending Ermeline in The Defendants the case wouldn't have been won without Christine's tough help.

Now the book is being written. The title is iLawyer. There will be many of these books. She is a lawyer now, concentrating in public policy law, and her first case involves the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, which presently is threatened by commercial logging (thanks to the U.S. Forest Service) and ordinary people are being injured in person and property due to the clearcutting. Christine flies her plane to Alaska and signs up her first client.

The book is titled iLawyer because her cases come over the Internet, Hence "i".

iLawyer will publish hopefully this year. It will be slower to come to you than the Thaddeus books because it will be published by one of the Big Five publishing houses or by one of Amazon's imprints and that takes a while longer. But not to worry: the Thaddeus Murfee series will continue and bring you more great reading all during this next year.

Thanks for reading my stuff.


Carol said...

How exciting ! Christine is the best so I can't wait for her series. Just finished The N.Y. Times best seller in one night couldn't put it down. One of you best yet. You are one awesome writer. Thanks.

admin said...

Thank you Carol. Love it when people tell me they like my books. Seriously it sends me back to the keyboard.

Judy said...

I have read all your Thaddeus books. LOVED each one! Just finished I,Lawyer and loved it too. I'm waiting for your next book. Your books are interesting and fast pace. For me, you give just the amount of attention to the legal and court room aspect of each case and lots of attention to developing the human aspect of the characters.