Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Look Out World: Here Comes Christine Susmann!

Christine Susmann, the brainy, ex-army paralegal, is getting her own series! That's right, I am writing the first book now, starring Christine as a new law school grad interested in public policy law. Her cases will be exciting and they will deal with matters of public importance.

This is the series my agent, Jane Dystel, will sell for me when I have the first book ready. So...say a little prayer for yours truly and wish me well.

Hello, Christine, my name is John. Let's talk....


Rebecca said...

Go dad go! Woot!

admin said...

This is my daugher (thanks honey), who teaches music and has her own blues band that she fronts with her mother's killer contralto voice. This kid lives and breathes and eats music, always has. Rock on, RJ!