Saturday, March 21, 2015

Thaddeus Book 8 Will Publish This Week

The New York Times Bestseller novel with will publish this week. It is with its three editors right now and then proofing will be left to do, add front and back matter, and voila, we're published. The editors are raving about this book, and these people are hard-hitting wordsmiths who ordinarily don't rave about anything. They've seen it all, but they tell me this is an excellent book.

Why you might really like the NYT Bestseller: There's lots of Thaddeus in the book and lots of Christine. Plus Katy returns and is dealing with trying to get pregnant. Thaddeus' childhood is gone into, plus his earlier, college years and what happened then. Christine is taken prisoner in Moscow and abused beyond belief as the Russians try to extract a confession from her.

Great ending, all comes out well. You're going to enjoy this one, good escape reading, fast-paced, no-nonsense with long descriptions and all the stuff too many writers use as filler. My readers want it fast and want to keep turning pages. This book definitely has that.

Buy it now, please, pre-order available at

The book so far has 1,000 pre-orders, so it's going to be huge.


Pam said...

I just finished reading "Unspeakable Prayers". I loved it. It occurred to me after I read this that folks seem to categorize Jews in that era as being wealthy business owners. While I am sure they were not all wealthy nor were they all business owners but one trait I'm pretty sure they had in common, is that they knew how to work very hard and knew they had to become successful in order to not ever know those feelings of starvation, confinement, and torture again. They are not just holocaust survivors, but survivors in every sense of the word! Thank you, John, for writing such a compelling book!

admin said...

Thanks, Pam. UP was a book just waiting to be written. I'm the lucky author who got selected for the job :)