Thursday, March 12, 2015

The New York Times Bestseller: a Novel

Know what I like? I like writing. I especially like writing when I'm 68,000 words into an 80,000 word novel. Which is where I am with the NYT Bestseller. At this stage, a novel either takes on a life of its own and becomes more than the writer knew it could be, or it becomes stale. I'm lucky, because this book has suddenly begun to run away with itself. Sub-plots that I never imagined, going in, are rising to the surface and torquing the story. It's going to be a fun read, worth every penny of $2.99.

If you'd like to sample the first two chapters of this cool book, free, go here:

Excuse me now while I get back to it. The book should hit the shelves "Kindle Market" in about thirty days--edits and all that once I've done my part.

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